We are pleased to inform you that the LCI-400 is now available on the market.The LCI-400 is the successor to NADIR, which has just celebrated its 10 years of loyal service in the identification of live LV power distribution cables, within the French Enedis operating bases and all over the world.More compact, lighter, more powerful, easier to use, the LCI-400 integrates a 10 year feedback from the field to offer you more ergonomics and reliability of interpretation.

Based on the principle of current draw downstream of a station, this new generation of identifier will seduce you with its characteristics :

  • Connection of the transmitter adapted to any situation: Three-phase, two-phase or single-phase.
  • Operation on all types of 50/60 Hz networks at 115, 230, 400 VAC.
  • Automatic identification interpretation (Yes / No) in three-phase mode
  • Phase identification by direct number display (in three-phase mode)
  • Live LV energized cable identifier
  • Automatic adaptation of the treatment and display of the receiver according to the connection mode of the transmitter (single, two or Three-phase)
  • Compact size and reduced weight: <9 kg


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