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  • AQUA PL Plastic water pipe locator
  • Plastic water pipe locator-MADE
  • Plastic water pipe locator-MADE
  • Plastic water pipe locator-MADE
  • Plastic water pipe locator-MADE
  • Plastic water pipe locator-MADE
  • AQUA PL Plastic water pipe locator

AQUA PL Plastic water pipe locator


Aqua-PL is a dedicated equipment for detecting and pinpointing water pipes.
It is particularly aimed at plastic networks (PE, PVC) but it is also suitable to metallic pipes.
Aqua-PL is based on the injection of an acoustic and percussive signature in the network to be detected,alongside a ground sensor used to capture the signal and accurately determine the vertical position of the pipe.

The transmitter can inject a signature either from a fire hydrant or a water column through its 2 coupling accessories.

The receiver is a new generation of ground sensor that can achieve highly sensitive detection over a long distance.

The data collected are transmitted to a tablet and processed in real time, results are displayed graphically for an easy and user-friendly interpretation of the pipe location.

A radio link between the ground sensor and the transmitter allows the user to control the injection mode remotely: On/Off, configuration of injection cycles, injection medium,…
This feature makes it possible to modify the injection characteristics in real time according to the field conditions.


Aqua-PL stands out from alternative technologies (GPR, electromagnetic,.acoustic...) on the following points :

  • No intrusion in the network (no insertion of push rod)
  • No water outage among subscribers
  • Discrimination (definitely locates the desired network)
  • Detection over a long range (up to 400 meters)
  • Detection of main pipe and service pipe
  • Automated, ergonomic, rapid diagnostic interpretation and usable by no-expert users
  • Fast implementation of the injection system. Long range coverage guaranteed thanks to direct access to water columns or fire hydrants


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