GAS TRACKER2 - Buried Plastic Gas Pipe Location

GAS TRACKER2 - Buried Plastic Gas Pipe Location

Plastic gas pipe locator

GAS TRACKER2 is an instrument for locating and identifying buried plastic gas pipes.
It is able to locate the position and direction of a buried plastic pipe from the surface.

The transmitter, thanks to a resonator tank, is connected to a standard meter box. It sends the signal through the gas, vibrating it, which in turn makes vibrations in the surrounding ground.
The transmitter is easy to use with only two options : ON and OFF.
The Gas Tracker 2 receiver, using a listening device placed on the ground and connected to a hand-held receiver, displays the results.
The receiver has two modes : Prelocate, to quickly identify the area where the pipe is buried ; and Pin-point, to accurately locate where the pipe is and which direction it takes.
The Gas tracker locate all your gas underground pipeline




Presentation GAS TRACKER2


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