Made SA is pleased to announce the appointment of a new distribution partner in Australia & New Zealand

Made SA announces the immediate appointment of Amplitude Pty Ltd., as our newest distribution partner for the test and measurement product in the Australia and New Zealand. Along with their experienced and excellent team of sales professionals, Amplitude Pty Ltd will be an authorized service repair centre in Australia. 

According to Marc Reverdy , Made’s World Sales Manager, “we are delighted to announce the partnership with Amplitude Pty Ltd in one of the key markets in the Pacific Area. In collaboration with Amplitude Pty Ltd , our rapid growth will continue as we expand , seeking to develop further our advanced but easy to use products. Amplitude Pty Ltd  embodies the core values at Made SA with professionalism


About Amplitude Ltd

Amplitude Pty Ltd is a professional product sales and repair provider for power utilities and high voltage contracting companies. With over 35 years’ proven experience in the electricity industry, Amplitude Pty Ltd believes in understanding their customer’s needs and providing them with the best and safest electrical tools and equipment from around the world. With everything from hand tools, PPE, first aid products, construction/maintenance equipment and testing devices, Amplitude Pty Ltd is always “Raising the Standard” for their industry.

Learn more at the Amplitude ltd  website

Amplitude test measurement product